Why commitment, knowledge and experience matter in tech support

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Mike Alamé is Vice President of Global Support Delivery, U.S. Region. Mike joined HP in 1992 as a Solution Center Unix Manager. During his time at HP, Mike has held a number of management positions within the Services Organization and Solution Center. Prior to joining HP, Mike held several positions at Texas Instruments including National Call Center Manager, Account Support Manager and North America Escalation Manager. Mike holds a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, and a Physics Associate Degree from the Lebanese University.


Every once in a while, customers ask one of our service delivery engineers why they shouldn’t just go out and buy IT support based on price. They’ll tell us they have companies who say they can deliver the same services as HP at a much lower cost. Our engineers ask them to compare what those other companies do and what HP does. That’s when it becomes clear that there is really no comparison. In addition to amazing tools and quality parts, HP has a combination of expertise, experience, and commitment that delivers better results anytime, any day.  And we prove it every day in situations like this one.


Short-term fix vs. long-term solution 
A major enterprise client found that its new cluster had two nodes that were not communicating properly.  They were also concerned about possible file corruption due to observed LUN access issues at the time.

Our engineers investigated and found a failed disk in slot 2-12.  This disk was successfully replaced.  Controller B on one node was also found unresponsive and was reseated to correct the situation.  Additional troubleshooting found incorrect IP addresses in the hosts file which was also corrected.  While this fixed the immediate issue, HP engineers found other anomalies that should be corrected to help ensure that the customer’s solution and environment performed at their best.


Especially significant was a JAVA bug that was lurking in the background and had gone undetected for two months. The disk drive failure wasn’t necessarily the triggering event but exacerbated the underlying issue.  The MSA controllers were not servicing I/O in a timely fashion due to the command resets that had been occurring during those two months.  In summary, there was not a single event or item that was the cause of the overall problem, but more the cumulative effect of several unrelated events. HP onsite engineers made sure they delivered a complete solution to the customer, rather than a quick fix.


Onsite, on target
The ability to provide a comprehensive solution quickly in this situation was really made possible by the presence of an HP Account Delivery Manager (ADM).  This HP professional assigned to the account, gets to know the environment, and uses that knowledge to facilitate problem resolution – both proactively and reactively.   In this case, the ADM used his knowledge of the environment to quickly recognize the magnitude of the situation and follow the escalation and elevation processes to engage our top engineers.  He also alerted account team members and executives – even if it was in the middle of the night – because getting the right people on board quickly is often key to helping resolve our customer’s problem. Not surprisingly for a company committed to customer support like HP,  all of the people our ADM contacted  – from our onsite service delivery engineer up to the executive level – wanted to help to the point where he had to turn down some offers because five other people were are already on it.  Now that’s commitment.


Knowledge is power

HP and its Account Delivery Managers provide an advantage that is hard to quantify in terms of price:  an in-depth knowledge of the customer’s environment and of the HP support processes and procedures, plus all the associated contacts, web links and collateral. Our ADMs use that knowledge to provide fast, in-depth solutions, even deviating from normal process or procedure as needed to get the job done.  That’s why other service providers find it very hard to even approximate what HP delivers every day.


Mike Alamé


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