Tips for buying domain names


A lot has been blogged about how obtaining more than one domain name can protect your brands online security and help you to increase your search traffic. That said many people whom are setting out buying domain names for their business are still unsure of exactly what and why some domain names carry such high value.

Below are three simple tips for what to look for when buying domain names:

  1. Country specific codes – domains such as ‘’ rank higher than generic ‘.com’ domains. Also should you have plans for branching out internationally, it is a good idea to buy a country specific domain for the markets you hope to enter such as ‘’ for the United Kingdom.
  2. Spelling variations –If your name or company’s domain name is often spelt incorrectly then it is recommended to purchase the spelling variants for the name. This will help direct traffic to your page even if the user enters the wrong spelling.
  3. Promotional domains – Registering names relating to any popular competitions or promotions which you know you will be running can be highly beneficial for driving traffic. Such domain names can also enable you to market and promote different products and services and even run successful competitions with an offer specific URL.