The .au Domain Report

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Domain management can often be a tricky business. Keeping tabs on multiple domain names, dealing with renewal dates and mastering registration issues can be fraught with challenges if you do not have the right tools to help you out. Luckily, there is.

Released by AusRegistry every month, the .au report is one of the most powerful tools in the domain owner’s arsenal. Each report outlines the monthly performance of the .au domain and offers critical information of registrations, transactions and renewals, as well as detailed statistics about the number of Australian domain names. If used properly, the report can provide vital insight into domain management issues and allow crises to be resolved before they occur. Here are three ways to get the most out of the .au report:

1. Keep abreast of the competition

The .au report offers details about the number of domain names registered in the Australian name space and a comprehensive breakdown of zones such as,, and If you’re an online business owner, this allows you to keep tabs on the competitive landscape by providing thorough analysis of top-scoring domain names and important clues into emerging trends. The report also provides essential information about community geographic domain names (CGDNs)

2. Manage technical issues

Poor web performance issues can be the kiss of death for your business. The .au report offers detailed information about technical issues related to domain names, including service availability, processing times, outage times and scheduled maintenance along with a technical summary about processing time and update frequencies. This information allows you to be proactive about technical issues, communicate impending crises to your customers and take troubleshooting into your own hands.

3. Be aware of changes in the industry

Are you planning to renew your domain name, transfer your existing one or register a new domain name altogether? If so, the .au report provides a powerful snapshot of the number of registrations, transactions, transfers and renewals each month allowing you to capitalise on opportunities and changes in the market.

To see how your domain activity is tracking in comparison to industry trends you can view the reports by visiting

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