storage hypervisor

A storage hypervisor, also called software-defined storage, is a marketing term for software that allows storage to be controlled centrally in a storage pool regardless of what hardware the storage is located on.

A storage hypervisor abstracts capacity from storage hardware and aggregates it into pools so there is greater storage availability and performance. The software can run on a dedicated storage appliance, in a virtual machine or in a server virtualization hypervisor. Some storage hypervisors also come with additional features such as deduplication or data protection. The term storage hypervisor was first used by vendors that offer a wide array ofstorage virtualization technology such as Virsto Storage Hypervisor or the DataCore SANsymphony.

In hardware virtualization, a hypervisor, also called a virtual machine manager, is a program that allows multiple operating systems to share a single hardware host.

See also: virtual storage appliance