Stackdriver opens its cloud monitoring service for business


SUMMARY:If you run your applications in AWS or Rackspace clouds, you probably want to monitor their performance and get real-time alerts should things go awry. Stackdriver says it has a service for you.

Stackdriver, the Boston startup that wants to bring grown-up monitoring to IT running across public clouds, opened up a public beta of that service on Tuesday. The goal of the Stackdriver Intelligent Monitoring service is to let companies know if there’s a hot spot or a bottleneck that could spell trouble, said Stackdriver co-founder Dan Belcher. “We work in real-time to identify issues quickly before they become a real problem,” Belcher said.

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The company said the service, which supports Amazon Web Services and Rackspace Cloud, already manages nearly 100,000 cloud resources and processes more than 125 million datapoints daily. Beta customers include Edmodo, Yellowhammer, Exablox, Atomwise and Webkite, according to a press releaseannouncing the beta.

Co-founded by VMware veterans Belcher and Izzy Azeri, Stackdriver got $5 million in Series A funding from Bain Capital and others last August to pursue its plan put eyes on cloud workloads.

Early competitors include Datadog and Boundary but old line network management vendors like IBM Tivoli; BMC and CA Technologies are also in the mix. As more business workloads flow to cloud infrastructure, the need for reliable, real-time tools to monitor performance and flag trouble spots will play a critical role.