10 Helpful Tips for Content Marketing

In the last 12 months we have seen a major shift in SEO because of the recent Google Penguin Update on April 24, 2012. More and more we are hearing about Content marketing and helpful tips on writing good content rather than stuffing your website with just random articles or blog posts that really have no relevancy to your product or website. Its become very clear from what others have experienced that good relevant content related to your product, service, or website is very effective and can not only effect your SEO in a positive way since content is king, but it can also significantly over time increase your traffic to your website. One of the most important lessons to learn is to write and post good content that delivers high quality, relevant information yielding measurable results without promotional push and a sales pitch. Offers visitors an opportunity to come to your website and learn from your content.
How do you get your content to deliver results?
Here are 10 Helpful Tips for Content Marketing

1. Think about your objectives. What do you want your content to achieve? Is it traffic? Or signups?

2. Know your audience. Who is your audience? You will need to gear your content towards that audience.

3. Setup a Content Marketing Strategy. What does this mean? This step is not to be overlooked. You will need to setup a strategy for how often you will write, on what subjects, how often will you guest post.

4. Select Media Formats. You have the option of creating content with photos, videos, and info graphics. Think about your target audience and see what type of contact attracts your audience the best.

5. Write killer headlines. Headlines are the key to getting your content discovered. Remember your content is competing with many others; you need write a good headline which is catchy and captures attention.

6. Keyword Research. One of the most important steps to doing any type of online marketing is finding the proper keywords that you want to target, take time to do your research and find relevant keywords with a good chance that you can rank for them.

7. Embed Keywords. Embedding keywords within your content is very important, do your research and input the proper keywords into your content so search engines can pickup these keywords and rank them in results.

8. Socialize your Content. Be sure to make it easy for readers to share your content via social networks right on your site by including social icons.

9. Promote your Content. Be sure to push your content to different social media sites so that users can easily discover your content.

10. Measure Content Marketing. Results. Just like any other marketing initiative, you will need to track your results, set goals, and tweak your strategy as you go.